Monday, October 09, 2006

$20M of your tax dollars at 'work'

The Pentagon is going to spend $20M of your money to celebrate victory in Iraq/Afghanistan. Even though top military generals "have warned Iraq is on the cusp of a civil war and that U.S. troops must remain in large numbers until at least next spring."

I came upon this quote from a fellow blogger about this issue:
"I don't know about you, but I can think of more effective ways to deploy that capital. (Of course, at the Pentagon $20M isn't capital, it's petty cash.)" says Ron, via Rondam Ramblings.

Must Read Articles

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Sex, lies and power games are just the latest symptoms of a Republican party adrift from its ideals.

NATO: Afghans may back Taliban, Associated Press
NATO's commander in Afghanistan warned that many Afghans may switch their allegiance to the Taliban if their lives show no improvements in the next 6 months.

Russians fear truth targeted in journalist's murder, Reuters
Russians say Anna Politkovskaya's murder was a political killing to stifle the free press.

U.S. soldiers question their purpose, who is the enemy?, NBC
Invisible enemy, untrustworthy allies have U.S. troops questioning their purpose and ask themselves if this is their fight anymore. And who is the enemy?