Monday, April 14, 2008

Mind Control Through The Promise of Goodies - "Join Military Now - Drink When You Are 18!"

And now They Now Want to Control You by Giving You "Special Rights" if You Joint The MIlitary - Including Drinking at 18...

"Kentucky state Rep. David Floyd, R-Bardstown, who said he thinks the legal drinking age should be 18, told ABC News that military personnel exhibit their ability to handle alcohol-drinking responsibilities while serving their country."

Anyone who thinks this is acceptable in any way shape or form is obviously a complete slave to militarism, imperialism.

WHAT THE FUCK makes anyone think members of the military are any more responsible in the way the consume alcohol? Or more important than anyone else for that matter?

Kentucky state Rep. David Floyd, R-Bardstown is saying that if you serve the United States military then you can enjoy alcoholic beverages at a younger age - A BRIBE and this is seriously dangerous propaganda that everyone should think about. What now they want to control the people by letting you have "goodies" if you fight for the cause? What's next - tobacco, marijuana? Completely fucking disgusting. Military special rights are WRONG. PERIOD.

Military recruiters will be saying shit like this...
"Hey man, what ya doin' after high school? join the Air Force man. We got all kinds of stuff for you to do. Start a career with us and you'll be set for life. PLUS you get to drink when you're 18!"

out of control.

"Missouri, South Dakota, Vermont and Minnesota are debating laws that would allow all residents to take advantage of the lower required age."

this is how it should be. ALL RESIDENTS.

Article: Seven states consider lower drinking ages