Saturday, November 11, 2006

U.N. resolution condemning Israel, vetoed by U.S. as usual

The U.S. has again decided to support Israel instead of basic human rights by vetoing a U.N. resolution, as they always do and have done for the past few decades.

The United States has cast 82 vetoes in the United Nations' 61 years, and nine of the last 10 council vetoes, seven of which dealt with the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

See kids, when the U.S. government doesn't like a resolution, either because it makes their friends look bad or is against the administrations' twisted foreign policies, they simply veto it. Easy!

U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, says he condemns the bombing by Israel that killed 18 innocent Palestinians, but that the "language" of the U.N. resolution was unfairly biased against Israel.

And what happens when the U.S. puts it's imperialistic ambitions above human life? More terrorist acts! Yay!!

The U.S. veto sent the wrong message to both Israeli and Palestinian militants, Palestinian U.N. Observer Riyad Mansour told reporters. "Will that help extremist elements to take issues into their own hands on both sides? You bet!"

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