Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bush meeting with 'centrist, conservative' Democrats, Surprise!

No, see Bush, you are supposed to meet seriously with people who have different views than you, not almost exactly the same view as you 'but are called Democrats so that might help your public image.' So you can get input, or a different opinion on the situation, maybe even open your mind! Or not. Because you're right. Right?

Bush "has invited leaders of the conservative Blue Dog and New Democrat coalitions to the White House Friday to discuss areas of 'mutual cooperation,'" a Congressional aide said, according to The Hill.

The meeting, which the President "is expected to attend," is set for Friday, December 9. Yay! Prepare for no more progress than we are used to seeing!

New survey shows Iraqis want troops to get out...

The Iraq Center for Research & Strategic Studies conducted a new survey that was commissioned by the Iraq government. The surveyors wouldn't allow themselves to be seen on camera which usually is not a good sign.

-19 out of 20 people say security better under Saddam Hussein
-9 in 10 people feel unsafe around American soldiers
-2/3 feel safer when U.S. troops leave Iraq

More than half of the 2000 participants said they want all the US troops out now, the remainder want the withdrawal to begin immediately. The economy is a big problem for most Iraqi's as well which isn't surprising—The Iraqis also feel that since the Democrats won big time in November they are hoping that they'll be able to help change policy.

Via Crooks and Liars

Disappearing civil liberties mug

Pour hot liquid into the mug that has the Bill of Rights printed on it, and the amendments that have been invalidated by Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, and Reagan disappear. Awesome!

"Drink your decaf in this dazzling mug - and watch your civil liberties disappear and reappear! Simply pour in your coffee or any hot beverage and watch the painstaking work of the founding fathers vanish before your eyes and then reappear after drinking up or cooling down. A great way to amaze and entertain a guest with satire. Imported."
$12 at Uncommon Goods [via Boing Boing]

World's youth believe 'war on terror' counterproductive

Young people overwhelmingly believe the US-led "war on terror" is not making the world safer, according to a poll conducted in major cities across the globe. The survey of youngsters aged 15 - 17, which was conducted for the BBC in New York, Nairobi, Cairo, Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, Baghdad, Delhi, Jakarta, Moscow and London, found that only 14% of respondents thought US policy in Iraq and Afghanistan was making the world a safer place, while 71% said it was not.

The remaining 15% did not know or declined to answer. Negative views of the "war on terror" were strongest in Baghdad (98%) and Rio (92%).

That's because the "War on Terror" is counterproductive. The world actually thinks that the U.S. is the greatest threat to world peace, and so do I. And many think that Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-iL, I agree.

Are all of these opinions coincidences? I think not.

Via The Guardian