Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Synopsis on How the Federal Reserve and Bankers are Scamming Us All

Here's a quick, well done, 2 minute synopsis of the Federal Reserve and how it's a scam :)

Below, you can watch Rep. Brad Sherman (D - CA) tell you how Congress was threatened with Martial Law if bailout bill was not passed...

"...and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no..."

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rape Victim Ordered to Pay Her Rapist's Legal Fees

It's the most tragic injustice you've never heard about.

Melanie Ross, a rape victim in Georgia, was ordered to pay her rapist's legal fees after Judge Phillip Brown dismissed her claim as frivolous. His reasoning? The victim was not a virgin. Her rapist was her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Day. Her lacerations and bruises could have been caused by "bumping into furniture." And since Day used a date rape drug, Ross could not be considered a reliable witness.

It is important to realize that Day has not claimed that he did not give Melanie Ross a rape drug, or that he did not rape her while she was under the influence of said drug. His entire defense is that he didn't need to drug her to get her to have sex with him, because they had had a sexual relationship previously. His entire defense is: A man can't rape a woman who has previously consented to have sex with him - or with anyone. And a Georgia Judge agreed with him.

You can read more about this case at Feministing or at SAFER.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Ret. Gen. Thomas McInerney Calls For Terrorist Attacks on Iran

Ret. Gen. Thomas McInerney is a huge supporter of state sponsored terrorism apparently, with his recent remarks to commit covert EFP attacks inside Iran. This guy has investment in many companies with military defense contracts, of course he likes this idea, because he will make mad cash!

"McInerney is on the Board of Directors for several companies with defense-related contracts that would seem to benefit from his pro-war propaganda. For example, Alloy Surfaces Company (ASC), whose contracts for “ammunition and explosives” with the Department of Defense appear to have grown from $15 million in 2002 to more than $169 million in 2006. A conflict of interest, perhaps?"

McInerney: Here’s what I would suggest to you. Number one, we take the National Council for Resistance to Iran off the terrorist list that the Clinton Administration put them on as well as the Mujahedin-e Khalq at the Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Then I would start a tit-for-tat strategy which I wrote up in the Wall Street Journal a year ago: For every EFP that goes off and kills Americans, two go off in Iran. No questions asked. People don’t have to know how it was done. It’s a covert action. They become the most unlucky country in the world. …

"No questions asked. People don’t have to know how it was done. It’s a covert action." What! people dont have to know, are you kidding me? This guy is dangerous to the world and should be locked up.

Even after the NY Times lengthy article on the Pentagon's "propaganda machine" - people will still soak up every word this retired general says.

More coverage: InfoWars and Crooks and Liars

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Church Propaganda 0WND. Blog Explores "Crummy Church Signs"

Maybe this could make some people see the light of Church Propaganda. And how they prey on people who might be facing rough times in the current events happening around us...If you have photos or videos of ridiculous church propaganda, you can contribute them at Crummy Church Signs

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mind Control Through The Promise of Goodies - "Join Military Now - Drink When You Are 18!"

And now They Now Want to Control You by Giving You "Special Rights" if You Joint The MIlitary - Including Drinking at 18...

"Kentucky state Rep. David Floyd, R-Bardstown, who said he thinks the legal drinking age should be 18, told ABC News that military personnel exhibit their ability to handle alcohol-drinking responsibilities while serving their country."

Anyone who thinks this is acceptable in any way shape or form is obviously a complete slave to militarism, imperialism.

WHAT THE FUCK makes anyone think members of the military are any more responsible in the way the consume alcohol? Or more important than anyone else for that matter?

Kentucky state Rep. David Floyd, R-Bardstown is saying that if you serve the United States military then you can enjoy alcoholic beverages at a younger age - A BRIBE and this is seriously dangerous propaganda that everyone should think about. What now they want to control the people by letting you have "goodies" if you fight for the cause? What's next - tobacco, marijuana? Completely fucking disgusting. Military special rights are WRONG. PERIOD.

Military recruiters will be saying shit like this...
"Hey man, what ya doin' after high school? join the Air Force man. We got all kinds of stuff for you to do. Start a career with us and you'll be set for life. PLUS you get to drink when you're 18!"

out of control.

"Missouri, South Dakota, Vermont and Minnesota are debating laws that would allow all residents to take advantage of the lower required age."

this is how it should be. ALL RESIDENTS.

Article: Seven states consider lower drinking ages

Thursday, April 03, 2008

If one more person calls McCain a "moderate" I will scream

It is irresponsible and unethical for John McCain to promote himself as a moderate when he is in fact, one of the most anti-choice politicians in America. He wants to continue funding abstinence-only "education" and lying to teenagers about birth control. He wants to limit access to contraception, which would prevent unplanned pregnancy. He wants to appoint Supreme Court Justices that would reverse Roe vs. Wade. This isn't a liberal conspiracy - he has said these things himself. He has said them proudly!

John McCain is an irresponsible, reactionary corrupt Republican. McCain is a pro-war Bush clone. McCain represents the interests of the radical religious right.

The mainstream media has been giving McCain a free ride, and it's time to stand up and say: If John McCain is a moderate, I'm a fairy princess.

Meet the Real McCain today.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nukes 4 sale in Pakistan or Hire

Well the time has come for the Mr. Bush to bring us into a full scale world war in the middle east. How is he going to do that you ask? The federal funding to Pakistan will be cut out because of the recent ugly political upheaval, let me set this up for ya , we are currently paying Pakistan 80 million dollars a month to use their infrastructure to bring in troops and supplies to our collision forces. (that's alot of money for nothing) also this region produces most 90% of the worlds opium and heroin hmmm we will just ignore that because we don't have a war on drugs that's costing us untold BILLIONS already...! now lets look at Turkey for a moment they would like very much for our help too shut down the black market and rebels working on there borders in the mountains above the current cluster fuck we have going in Iraq well this is going to happen and give us our front door into Iran at a time that the Pakistan and Afghanistan governments will be at each others neck worse that ever in history! Along with the the India government not wanting the current Pakistan leaders to lose control of there NUKES. when this happens and it will the current Russian leaders are waiting to interfere with forces against Iran and who knows whom else maybe North Korea or China! THIS IS FUCKED UP! We are in big damn trouble when this unfolds In the next six months to a year. The cost of goods and oil will triple from the current market prices and the international business market will fall to the need of yet one more time in history the United States will be in a full war time production to save the economy over here and we will be stuck in a land war over oil and a market for more plastic goods for the masses. Maybe I'm wrong however, the indicators are not good however I'm 38 years old and I lived my youth through the cold war under the threat of nukes and world war with Ronald Regan This shit is not a cold war, it is a real bloody mess that has all ready cost me friends, money, and future peace! What about the people over there that want nothing to do with this war in there yard? TOO BAD is the answer! When will our debt and unemployment and interest rates take a hold of our crime and hunger problems? not as long as we are fighting for the interests of big business and bullies! To top it off the presidential ballet looks a bit empty if your looking to vote for someone that can take care of the problems that the current administration has made and will be leaving in our next Presidents lap like a dead stinky lap dog that died 8 years ago in the oval office.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pain Killers: Have You Gotten Your Dose Today?

Prescriptions painkillers are on the rise: killing pain through out the country. One painkiller to kill the pain; another to kill the pain of the side affects; another pill for something else, and now you can't sleep at night, so you are up way late and have the luxury of watching advertisements for Lunesta. Well, that will solve all your problems!

The amount of five major painkillers sold at retail establishments rose 90 percent between 1997 and 2005, according to an Associated Press analysis of statistics from the Drug Enforcement Administration. More than 200,000 pounds of codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and meperidine were purchased at retail stores during 2005. This is about enough to give every person in this country some pain killers. Approximately 300 milligrams of tasty pain killing sweetness.
Much of this increase can be blamed on the pharmaceutical companies' major increase inadvertising and marketing.
"Spending on drug marketing has gone from $11 billion in 1997 to nearly $30 billion in 2005, congressional investigators found. Profit margins among the leading companies routinely have been three and four times higher than in other Fortune 500 industries." -AP. With the prices of these prescriptions, everyone involved must be making some money off of them. The pharmaceutical companies profit from making them, and the pay representatives to market them to their doctors, who give out free samples, or prescribe them, and the patient is happy. Who wouldn't be happy with a daily dose of 'hillbilly heroin'?
Along with the increase in drug use, drug abuse increases right along side. According to the government, emergency room visits due to drug overdose has increased over 160% since 1995. People are addicted, but people are in pain also.
There is a pain killer, however, that is not addictive, and should be free, and available, and will cure many other ailments, along with providing nutrients and renewable resources. This, my friends, is marijuana. Marijuana helps with chronic pain, insomnia, some eating disorders or lack of appetite, and the seeds provide more protein than soybeans. So why can't we just have the plant, instead of wasting resources and pouring them into making countless poisons to 'zombify' the masses (although this would be called 'curing' the sick), and make billions of dollars doing it?
Because- BUSH wouldn't be where he is today, if not for the monetary backing of the pharmaceutical company's-that's why!

Press Release.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 9/11 Strike is Finally Here

Before the Government takes away our rights and many uses of the Internet, an unconfirmed source has set forth a viral effort through the many pathways of the Internet to spread the word about a General Strike scheduled for September 11, 2007, the sixth anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on New York City and Arlington, Virginia.

Wikipedia defines viral efforts on the Internet as:

An object (or an idea) is viral when it has the ability to spread copies of itself or change other similar objects to become more like (it) when those objects are simply exposed to the viral object.
General strikes, more common in Europe, are events that shut down the normal operations of a city, state, or nation for a period of time.

This is a general strike, and not for any one, or even three specific issues, but for all the issues which broke ground that disastrous day September 11, 2001. These issues include, but are not limited to: the 9/11 cover-up, surveillance, torture, environmental issues (asbestos in the Towers' debris?), and corporate media.

This strike is neither a protest, such as anti-war, fraud, or civil rights protest. This is simply a general strike.
A National Call to Action: Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
No school. No work. Buy nothing. Hit the streets
On June 27, 2007, the United States Social Forum, a convention of various social justice groups, passed a resolution that called for both the reopening of the 911 investigation and the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.
On July 4, 2007, the Philadelphia Emergency Anti War Convention convened in Pennsylvania.
Cindy Sheehan pointed out that her audiences have been filled with 911 Truth members who deserved answers to their questions. The convention produced a strong set of demands known as The Act Independent United Front Program. The program calls for impeachment of Bush, Cheney and associates; an end to all wars; restoration of Constitutional Rights; an end to “Bush police-state dictatorship;” a government by and for the people; and 9/11 truth – reopening the investigation and full release of all 9/11 documentation.
Only Four Weeks Left Until Sept. 11, 2007

Make your own fliers, or print fliers like the one above by clicking on the image! If you don't have time or resources to strike, make time! No Work, No School, Buy Nothing. NOTHING! This is what will work. Everyone who has any concern involving the administration's manipulating of the Constitution, the Crimes, the Fraud, the War, Homeland Security, The War on Drugs, or other crimes against the United People of America, UNITE! And show them we ARE the PEOPLE! And WE can make a difference, and restore this country to the beliefs of our forefathers: LET FREEDOM RING!

Source: Michael Collins: Originally Published in “Scoop” Independent Media

Today is THE DAY!

Today, August 18, 2007, there has been a potentially record-breaking commitment to right the wrongs we have endured throughout the Bush administration's law-breaking and invasions of our human rights. There are videos and other media which explain the impeachable actions of President George W. Bush, and you, as a citizen of the United States of America, have the power to voice your opinions, and come together and join the movement. Write your congressmen TODAY and tell them you want George and Dick removed from office!

There are pre-written letters, if you would like to join this movement but have no idea what to really say, unless you are like me-you know what to say, but it isn't really appropriate, and you can't actually string together an appropriate message in regards to good ol' George W.

"Keep in mind that impeachment does not refer to the punishment, impeachment refers to the trial and investigation in order to determine if a crime was committed and there is absolutely nothing wrong with an investigation regardless of which side of the political opinion you currently reside."

This is a wonderful opportunity to make your voice heard! We can not lose any more lives in Iraq because Bush wants to push HIS views onto them. There are other options! Read more in earlier posts, such as They Want Us Out. You can read about resources we are wasting, resources which are working towards sending apocalyptic messages (and video games!) to our troops in Iraq- shoving even more propaganda their way, combining Church and State with the Defense Department's attempt to convert everyone to Christianity. It is time to show the government that they are For the People, BY the People, and not ABOVE the People. Take a stand,;take 10 minutes out of your day to show future administrations that they can NOT break laws, or the People will take action. Show them that their offices can NOT hide them from their responsibilities to the Constitution on which this great nation was founded. Change the course of history, and write your government officials TODAY!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Freedom Train....? Ticket Pleas...

Well this my friends is a 1975 commemorative of the Freedom Train in the red, white, and blue glass ashtray style, because nothing says freedom better than a tray of butts or pull beer tabs! If you folks don't know about the train here is where you go learn your propaganda history folks. ( this link is a must read in greeting card USA history)this is a taste,, Mmmmm freedom taste great donut it!

WHY A FREEDOM TRAIN ? (yeah why not a big pink freedom rocket or sky blue freedom jet blimp)
-"The 1947 - 1949 Freedom Train was conceived as an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of American citizenship at a time when the nation was finding a new and central role in world affairs. Americans had experienced a decade of pre-war economic Depression. They made sacrifices in foreign lands throughout World War II. They were entering an age of post-war prosperity with opportunities unknown in all of human history. And they were unsure of the reassurances at the sudden dawn of the nuclear age and Soviet expansion into countries just liberated from fascist oppression in Europe and Asia."
-"With President Harry Truman in the lead, some in the national government believed Americans should pause and reflect, to experience a "rededication" to the principles that founded their country.
-"President Truman loved trains, and his use of the "whistle stop" campaign train still epitomizes this icon of the electoral process. Attorney General Tom Clark and his staff proposed a train that would travel to communities in every state of the nation, taking with it dozens of "documents of liberty." "
-"The result, they hoped, would enable Americans to rediscover for themselves just how hard-won their freedoms were. Clearly, they hoped to enable personal reconciliations with the still-fresh sacrifices and human costs of war, and to impart a sense of meaning and worth to those sacrifices. "
Text by Mr. Larry Wines.

Hmmm Wait it had a second tour of duty there is WAY MORE this is the little engine that could and did! Please tell us more Mr. Wines.....

-"In the early 1970s, Ross Rowland Jr., a New York commodities broker and occasional steam locomotive engineer, had the idea to celebrate the Bicentennial of the American Revolution with a raveling exhibition of unique and representative artifacts from the 200 year history of the nation. "
-"It had been the most remarkable two centuries in human history. "

-"Even as the ancient ways of Native inhabitants were lost - often savagely, and in contradiction with the American creed of individual rights and self-determination, America was building a beacon of hope for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses upon other shores who were yearning to breathe free. An industrial capacity would grow from American dreams and determination to create the capacity that would win two World Wars,
Text by Mr. Larry Wines.

OK well we all know what Truman had his eye on he loved trains and bombs! I think this guy was part gypsy ,carny, drunk, I don't know but can get a train with a bomb on it and a wet bar ?I'm Harry Truman Dammit I said build it then blow it up!

How did this guy sleep at night?,oh yea passed out most likely. Ross Rowland Jr. must of liked trains a bit himself to get involved in the 1970's his daddy was a mason. What masons like trains right? Who knows ,but politicians right now are planning a new freedom train and it includes things like GPS, hot and cold running sunshine and skittles latte for the sugar-ffene fix you just can't get anywheres else in all your basic interactive, retro, trianee goodness that your going to just expect from the freedom train of the future! I-stuff jacks? Well maybe if your good it will even have health care FREE on board for all who ride it!!!! or maybe Food with food in it and not just fast edible food flavored things! I know that this train sounds pricey doesn't it? O'well I guess we can afford it we have to keep up the effort too " halt conquerors bent on global domination, and spread the dream of freedom to the world. " won't a "freedom train" have room for all? not the conquerors bent on not even a couple? Damn how many people can get on this freedom train then? Well what do you mean I have got to have my shots, and I have to shovel the coal to power it ,and dig the coal out of the hills, causing even more global warming? WOW this freedom train sounds like a lot of work!

History is just a gaggle of words scribbled down by a drunk pirate or town jester or last American Indian to breath air. We humans love to glorify the evil we do with awarding it with ribbons and trains. I just wish people would read both sides of the lies before you "get your facts straight then distort them any way you like" just like Mark Twain said! I can't wait to see the awards the Republicans come up with for this war,or the next election, or any private space left in the corner of my soul.


yes the new freedom train will have unisex bath rooms because we all stink in the end.

NYPD says cafes, bookstores breed terrorists

A 90-page report, titled 'Radicalization in the West and the Homegrown Threat', by the NYPD intelligence division "identifies mosques, bookstores, cafes, prisons and flop houses as what it calls "radicalization incubators" that provide 'extremist fodder or fuel for radicalization.' " according to ABC. And what would they classify as radicalization? Reading a book or report that challenges U.S. foreign policy? This is a blatant and outright gross stereotyping of people who go to these places to learn and converse with each other.

Additionally, "The New Jersey Intelligence Assessment identified prisons, the Internet, universities and religious/cultural institutions as the places where "radicalization in New Jersey appears to occur." Bush must be ecstatic. The NYPD's full report