Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nukes 4 sale in Pakistan or Hire

Well the time has come for the Mr. Bush to bring us into a full scale world war in the middle east. How is he going to do that you ask? The federal funding to Pakistan will be cut out because of the recent ugly political upheaval, let me set this up for ya , we are currently paying Pakistan 80 million dollars a month to use their infrastructure to bring in troops and supplies to our collision forces. (that's alot of money for nothing) also this region produces most 90% of the worlds opium and heroin hmmm we will just ignore that because we don't have a war on drugs that's costing us untold BILLIONS already...! now lets look at Turkey for a moment they would like very much for our help too shut down the black market and rebels working on there borders in the mountains above the current cluster fuck we have going in Iraq well this is going to happen and give us our front door into Iran at a time that the Pakistan and Afghanistan governments will be at each others neck worse that ever in history! Along with the the India government not wanting the current Pakistan leaders to lose control of there NUKES. when this happens and it will the current Russian leaders are waiting to interfere with forces against Iran and who knows whom else maybe North Korea or China! THIS IS FUCKED UP! We are in big damn trouble when this unfolds In the next six months to a year. The cost of goods and oil will triple from the current market prices and the international business market will fall to the need of yet one more time in history the United States will be in a full war time production to save the economy over here and we will be stuck in a land war over oil and a market for more plastic goods for the masses. Maybe I'm wrong however, the indicators are not good however I'm 38 years old and I lived my youth through the cold war under the threat of nukes and world war with Ronald Regan This shit is not a cold war, it is a real bloody mess that has all ready cost me friends, money, and future peace! What about the people over there that want nothing to do with this war in there yard? TOO BAD is the answer! When will our debt and unemployment and interest rates take a hold of our crime and hunger problems? not as long as we are fighting for the interests of big business and bullies! To top it off the presidential ballet looks a bit empty if your looking to vote for someone that can take care of the problems that the current administration has made and will be leaving in our next Presidents lap like a dead stinky lap dog that died 8 years ago in the oval office.

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