Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Freedom Train....? Ticket Pleas...

Well this my friends is a 1975 commemorative of the Freedom Train in the red, white, and blue glass ashtray style, because nothing says freedom better than a tray of butts or pull beer tabs! If you folks don't know about the train here is where you go learn your propaganda history folks. ( this link is a must read in greeting card USA history)this is a taste,, Mmmmm freedom taste great donut it!

WHY A FREEDOM TRAIN ? (yeah why not a big pink freedom rocket or sky blue freedom jet blimp)
-"The 1947 - 1949 Freedom Train was conceived as an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of American citizenship at a time when the nation was finding a new and central role in world affairs. Americans had experienced a decade of pre-war economic Depression. They made sacrifices in foreign lands throughout World War II. They were entering an age of post-war prosperity with opportunities unknown in all of human history. And they were unsure of the reassurances at the sudden dawn of the nuclear age and Soviet expansion into countries just liberated from fascist oppression in Europe and Asia."
-"With President Harry Truman in the lead, some in the national government believed Americans should pause and reflect, to experience a "rededication" to the principles that founded their country.
-"President Truman loved trains, and his use of the "whistle stop" campaign train still epitomizes this icon of the electoral process. Attorney General Tom Clark and his staff proposed a train that would travel to communities in every state of the nation, taking with it dozens of "documents of liberty." "
-"The result, they hoped, would enable Americans to rediscover for themselves just how hard-won their freedoms were. Clearly, they hoped to enable personal reconciliations with the still-fresh sacrifices and human costs of war, and to impart a sense of meaning and worth to those sacrifices. "
Text by Mr. Larry Wines.

Hmmm Wait it had a second tour of duty there is WAY MORE this is the little engine that could and did! Please tell us more Mr. Wines.....

-"In the early 1970s, Ross Rowland Jr., a New York commodities broker and occasional steam locomotive engineer, had the idea to celebrate the Bicentennial of the American Revolution with a raveling exhibition of unique and representative artifacts from the 200 year history of the nation. "
-"It had been the most remarkable two centuries in human history. "

-"Even as the ancient ways of Native inhabitants were lost - often savagely, and in contradiction with the American creed of individual rights and self-determination, America was building a beacon of hope for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses upon other shores who were yearning to breathe free. An industrial capacity would grow from American dreams and determination to create the capacity that would win two World Wars,
Text by Mr. Larry Wines.

OK well we all know what Truman had his eye on he loved trains and bombs! I think this guy was part gypsy ,carny, drunk, I don't know but can get a train with a bomb on it and a wet bar ?I'm Harry Truman Dammit I said build it then blow it up!

How did this guy sleep at night?,oh yea passed out most likely. Ross Rowland Jr. must of liked trains a bit himself to get involved in the 1970's his daddy was a mason. What masons like trains right? Who knows ,but politicians right now are planning a new freedom train and it includes things like GPS, hot and cold running sunshine and skittles latte for the sugar-ffene fix you just can't get anywheres else in all your basic interactive, retro, trianee goodness that your going to just expect from the freedom train of the future! I-stuff jacks? Well maybe if your good it will even have health care FREE on board for all who ride it!!!! or maybe Food with food in it and not just fast edible food flavored things! I know that this train sounds pricey doesn't it? O'well I guess we can afford it we have to keep up the effort too " halt conquerors bent on global domination, and spread the dream of freedom to the world. " won't a "freedom train" have room for all? not the conquerors bent on not even a couple? Damn how many people can get on this freedom train then? Well what do you mean I have got to have my shots, and I have to shovel the coal to power it ,and dig the coal out of the hills, causing even more global warming? WOW this freedom train sounds like a lot of work!

History is just a gaggle of words scribbled down by a drunk pirate or town jester or last American Indian to breath air. We humans love to glorify the evil we do with awarding it with ribbons and trains. I just wish people would read both sides of the lies before you "get your facts straight then distort them any way you like" just like Mark Twain said! I can't wait to see the awards the Republicans come up with for this war,or the next election, or any private space left in the corner of my soul.


yes the new freedom train will have unisex bath rooms because we all stink in the end.

NYPD says cafes, bookstores breed terrorists

A 90-page report, titled 'Radicalization in the West and the Homegrown Threat', by the NYPD intelligence division "identifies mosques, bookstores, cafes, prisons and flop houses as what it calls "radicalization incubators" that provide 'extremist fodder or fuel for radicalization.' " according to ABC. And what would they classify as radicalization? Reading a book or report that challenges U.S. foreign policy? This is a blatant and outright gross stereotyping of people who go to these places to learn and converse with each other.

Additionally, "The New Jersey Intelligence Assessment identified prisons, the Internet, universities and religious/cultural institutions as the places where "radicalization in New Jersey appears to occur." Bush must be ecstatic. The NYPD's full report