Monday, February 05, 2007

Watch out for DNA sucking Feds!

According to The New York Times, U.S. authorities will soon begin collecting DNA samples from suspects arrested or detained by federal authorities, including hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Before the U.S. Justice Department changed them, the rules were that it was only convicted felons who had their DNA logged. Now, all you have to do is look suspicious, and the feds can detain you for just that. You no longer have to commit a crime to get your DNA stolen from you and filed into the U.S. database.

"DNA profiles have the potential to reveal our physical diseases and mental disorders. It becomes intrusive when the government begins to mine our most intimate matters," said Peter Neufeld, co-director of the Innocence Project, which has exonerated dozens of prison inmates using DNA evidence.

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Rupert Murdoch says News Corp. loves Bush. Surprise!

Rupert Murdoch talks about the Internet and digital media growth, and how Fox News is a bias as you can get.

From The Hollywood Reporter: Asked if his News Corp. managed to shape the agenda on the war in Iraq, Murdoch said: "No, I don't think so. We tried." Asked by Rose for further comment, he said: "We basically supported the Bush policy in the Middle East...but we have been very critical of his execution."

I never thought you would be so blunt and staright forward about it Murdoch. So for all the people that absolutely sweat Fox News. Do you really think it's healthy to watch one news station for all your news. Especially a news station where the CEO just said that "[they] basically supported the Bush policy in the Middle East..." ?

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America

Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a Christian nation that would build a global Christian empire, it was hard to take such hyperbolic rhetoric seriously.

Today, such talk no longer sounds like hyperbole but poses, instead, a very real threat to our freedom and our way of life. In American Fascists, Chris Hedges, veteran journalist and author of the National Book Award finalist War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, challenges the Christian Right's religious legitimacy and argues that at its core it is a mass movement fueled by unwavering nationalism and a hatred for the open society.

The Christian Right, like these early fascist movements, doesn't openly call for dictatorship, nor does it use physical violence to suppress opposition (sometimes). Today's movement is not yet revolutionary. But the ideological architecture of a Christian fascism is being cemented in place, whether it be voluntary or involuntary.

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Interview with Ehren Watada, first Officer refusing to fight in Iraq

Truthout interviews 1st Lt. Ehren Watada to find out why he's chosen to be "the only known U.S. military officer to publicly refuse to be sent to Iraq."

Watada believes the war is illegal and that "he is duty-bound as an officer under international and military conventions to refuse unlawful orders." Watada's court-martial begins today and he faces up to 4 years in prison and an Army dismissal.

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9/11 Taking the Fun Out of Cartoons

Last week in Boston, the late night cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force character was around town making 'obscene gestures'. His figure was displayed on battery powered boards that flashed lights. Police mistook these for explosive devices, which lead to the whole city going into panic. Hundreds of officers were involved in the security operation, which also included major roads being shut down and railways suspended. The bomb squad even 'detonated' one of the 'devices' in a controlled explosion.

This marketing campaign cost Turner Broadcasting System (who owns CNN) $2 million, $1 milion to cover the security operation, and the other $1 million as a goodwill gesture. Menino (the city's mayor) on Monday defended the city's response to the stunt, which he described last week as outrageous in the heightened security environment the United States has been in since the September 11 attacks of 2001.

Bush to Congress: $2.9 trillion spending plan

First, ""My formula for a balanced budget reflects the priorities of our country at this moment in its history: protecting the homeland and fighting terrorism, keeping the economy strong with low taxes and keeping spending under control while making federal programs more effective," Bush said." Wow. I personally love when ever he says this, " protecting the homeland and fighting terrorism,"

Bush is also proposing to increase the maximum Pell grant, which goes to low-income students, from the current $4,050 to $4,600. Oh wow, and extra $550! Are you serious? Bush is out of his mind, as Democrats are pushing for even larger increases.

"The president's budget is filled with debt and deception, disconnected from reality and continues to move America in the wrong direction,"
--> Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad.

Bush is just looking for ways (that aren't going to work) to make things better, without stopping his 'war.' Here's a clue to increase domestic spending: turn off your war machine.

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Another victim of the U.S. fear culture and propaganda

A Penn Law School student who allegedly fired his weapon at the door of two neighbors he suspected of terrorism was suspended yesterday from the law school.

His lawyer, Peter Bowers, said the attack on the men he believed were terrorists - actually two roommates studying bio-engineering at Drexel University - "appears to have been a mental health or emotional issue."

Authorities "need to do appropriate mental health evaluations," Bowers said.

His client, Joseph Cho, 31, of Pine Street near 44th, is still awaiting arraignment for his alleged role in the assault. The two victims are each of Indian descent.

Cho, a Yale University graduate, has been charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, trespassing and vandalism, said Lt. John Walker, with Southwest Detectives.

He had gone to the Drexel students' apartment at 12:30 p.m., pounding on their door. When they didn't answer, Cho shot rounds from his legal Glock-9 into the door's lock.

He was later arrested by police.

"It is a bizarre case that we are investigating," Walker said. "You would think he would be more tolerant and more understanding to different cultures of people" because of his educational background.

Yesterday, Provost Ron Daniels sent a memo to the university's deans and senior administrators, stating that "the student has been temporarily suspended from the law school. The matter will be reported to the Law School's Committee on Student Conduct and Responsibility for its consideration."

The university, Daniels continued, was offering support services to any students seeking counseling to deal with the matter.

Cho, meanwhile, was described as an "outstanding young man," Bowers said. "It's really an unfortunate incident."

The law student enlisted in the Army after the Sept. 11 attacks and served for three years. He was given an honorable discharge, according to Bowers.

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