Monday, August 13, 2007

They Want Us Out

In an article from Think Progress, Satyam writes an overview of the the British Parliamant’s Select Committee on Foreign Affairs report of 36 recommendations for changes that must be made in the Middle East. They urge the British government to consider the political implications of joining forces with the US and their 'surge' in Iraq.

Many worry that the war has only magnified judgments, international racsism, and hatred. In the same affect, British citizens are led by the propaganda surrounding the 'war on terror' and the 'oversimplifications' of the terms used to describe the war and the people.

"216. We conclude that the use by Ministers of phrases such as 'war on terror' and 'arc of extremism' is unhelpful and that such oversimplifications may lead to dangerous policy implications. We agree with the Minister for the Middle East that these phrases cause unnecessary resentment. We recommend that the Government should not use this or similar language in future. "

"We are concerned that the damage done to the Government's reputation in the Arab and Islamic world may affect its ability to influence the political situation in the Middle East. We recommend that, in its response to this Report, the Government set out what action it is taking to improve its influence and reputation in the Arab and Islamic world. "

Hopefully, the British government will begin to make changes and withdrawal from Iraq and show effort for 'political reconciliations'. This just might jump start US withdrawal. If the Brits get out of there, I doubt there will be any Bush supporters left. The British can admit that the 'war on terror' is failing miserably, why can't Bush?

The policies adopted by Tony Blair have proved to be more detrimental to the UK than before. Bush is not winning his propoganda war, and we have little homeland security. Approval rates are low, and people are getting anxious, for something to change because the current path is crumbling fast along with America's infrastructure.

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