Monday, September 04, 2006

Chinese director 'given film ban'

Director Lou Ye has been banned from making films in China for five years for submitting an entry for the Cannes festival without government approval. Lou entered romance Summer Palace for competition without clearing it with China's censors, state media reported.

The film, which features explicit sex scenes, takes place around the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Lou said at Cannes in June that he would consider changing the film's content so it could be seen in China. Lou Ye won the main prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2000. The news agency reported that the film would be confiscated along with any income made from it. Via BBC

Completely ridiculous. China is WAY out of line and so is any company or organization that gives in to their ultra suppressive demands. Censoring everything from internet search results (which should be left up to the computer's owner) and films. And this director is going to give into it as stated above, "consider changing the film's content so it could be seen in China."

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