Sunday, November 12, 2006

87 percent say 'plenty to justify' Bush impeachment

An MSNBC online poll shows that the overwhelming majority of its participating voters believe President Bush should be impeached.

Of nearly 360,000 people who had voted in the "unscientific" poll by 9:30PM Eastern on Friday evening, 87 percent responded "Yes."

Despite considerable voter support for impeachment indicated in its tally, MSNBC notes that it is "not a scientific survey". And it shouldn't be scientific, because it's not science that Bush should be impeached.

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean recently said, "[W]e're not going to do that," while the probable next Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, had earlier indicated that impeachment was "off the table." Why? Bring it back to the table!

The poll is available here but could be removed, altered or archived at any time. A cache of earlier, though similar, results is viewable here.

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Check out this list of Bush's many mistakes: