Friday, November 10, 2006

Republicans = Scientoligists

This is a little something Bill Maher wrote at Huffington Post:

In Scientology, anyone who criticizes the religion is fair game for any and all kinds of retribution. You can file lawsuits against them, you can harass them, you can spread lies about them, and it's OK because the critic is fundamentally evil.

This is the same reason Republicans have no problem running push polls, or handing out leaflets with false accusations, or calling Democrats and telling them that their polling place has been changed... all this dishonest, sleazy stuff is OK because it's in the service of a greater good.

And this all ties into the so-called father of neo-conservatism, the philosopher Leo Strauss, who argued that the only way to stop liberalism from ruining society was for the elites (a.k.a his neocon followers) to exploit myths (religion) or create new myths (the Islamic Menace).

Couldn't have said it better Bill.


Anonymous said...

Scientology believes that you are an immortal being (as does christianity). But we believe that you have lived many, many lives in different bodies. This is not reincarnation because in that doctrine you can come back as anything. In Scientology we believe that you stay on the genetic line of a human.(There have been reports of beings in cats and dogs but not checked).

We are spiritual beings, not bodies, who suffer from amnesia and are the effect of things that happened to us in past lives. We believe that using the technology of Scientology, you can handle this amnesia and uncover the troubles and traumas from ages past and release yourself from them.

A lot of people are sheep, people who read newspapers and blindly believe what they read without checking the facts are sheep. Similarly, the idiots who believe in the anti-Scientology Ku Klux Klan tactics and count these as fact are equally guilty.

To you, Scientology may very well be bullshit but to millions around the world, including myself, it is the route to total freedom.

Most people who are critics are simply that....critics. What you are pre-supposing is that critics are good people. I have never met a "nice" critic in anything. It is a particular kind of person who criticises people.

What gets in my eye mostly about critics of Scientology is their propensity to "sex" up the argument and to tell spook stories that is purely designed to set Scientology apart for scorn and hatred.

I am a proud Scientologist. I know the stuff that we do for mankind and we do it despite the likes of you and your "dog and pony" cronies in the anti-Scientology lobby.

Further, I have also found that many, many critics of Scientology have things to hide. Further they have nothing to offer mankind except hatred and sectarianism.

We Scientologists fight against psychiatric oppression! has a lot of good information about the abuses by p$ychiatry!

P$ychs have played a part in the oppression of blacks and minorities, the roots of their “racial betterment” eugenics programs and the pivotal part they played in the Holocaust. They are also behind the spate of school shootings and increase both child deaths and acts of school violence.

Deej said...

Interesting points, thank you for your comments.

I do not advocate the suppression or criticism of anyone's beliefs.

I will criticize those who intend to force me/others to believe or reject me for not believing what they believe.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself fairly liberal, but I certainly recognize that liberals can be this way too.