Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rumsfeld should let Majeed al-Rawi stay at his place for a while

Insurgents in Fallujah hid a bomb in front of Majeed al-Rawi's house a few days ago, intending to use it against U.S. or Iraqi troops. Majeed al-Rawi had one option after this happened: move out of his home.

"If I report it to the Americans, I will be killed by the men who put it there, and if I don't, my family will be killed either by the explosion or the Americans,"said al-Rawi, a car dealer. "This is not a way to live; this is a way to hate life."

Come on Rumsfeld! It's your fault (and your cohorts) this is happening. Don't you think al-Rawi could maybe stay with you for a while? You know, until the whole thing clears up. I mean, you got off so didn't. He didn't have a choice. Well, unless he wants to die, then could probably stay at his house.

The U.S. 'War on Terror' worsens terrorists and creates anti-USA feeings around the world, as it has for many many decades!

The number of shootings, bombings and bombs found and defused has doubled in Fallujah since last winter, to about four or five a day, U.S. officers say. There have been about half a dozen car bombings in recent weeks.

U.S. and Iraqi troops have nowhere near the manpower needed to take up the slack, said Lt. Col. James Teeples, the senior adviser to the Iraqi Army unit responsible for much of the city. Hmm, kind of like in Afghanistan too.

"We just don't have the manpower to maintain surveillance on the entire city," Teeples said.

It's because you shouldn't be surveying the city at all, you shouldn't be there period. The reason this started in the first place is because of the twisted U.S. foreign policy for the past several decades.

If people would do research themselves, maybe read a history book or two (not the one's you get in school, then maybe more people would realize there is a consistent history of U.S. hegemonic and imperial ambitions throughout the past years.

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