Thursday, December 07, 2006

U.S. tank crushes Iraqi civilian's car. He was a taxi driver.

So apparently these Iraqis were attempting to steal some wood. Why were they stealing wood? It could be because their nation is so fucked up from the U.S. invasion, that they needed the wood badly and had no money.

Ok, so lets 'pretend' (kind of like the U.S. soldiers in the video did) it was a threat . What were these dangerous Iraqi civilians going to do with this wood? Hit someone with the wood? Make a spear? Doubt it.

These are the kind of ignorant assholes that make the U.S. look like shit. It's disgusting. And we wonder why terrorists are spawning out of control? Our foreign policy is ridiculous and imperialist. Come on people. Wake up!

Via Minor Ripper

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