Sunday, January 28, 2007

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

It's a common mis perception that, because I'm not Christian and I'm against the "War on Terror", I must be sympathetic to terrorist activities and fundamentalist Islam. And I know many people are branded with this misconception.

However, these people who label dissent as being one with the terrorists are completely wrong. It's both of these religions that I see as dangerous and the cause of mass murder. The only difference between radical Islamic terrorists and the 'War on Terror', is that the war in Iraq (and all other U.S., British, and Israeli imperialistic ventures throughout history) is state backed terrorism.

In "The God Delusion" by Richard dawkins, he says it's the scientist and humanist in him that makes him hostile to religions—fundamentalist Christianity AND fundamentalist Islam are to blame—that close people's minds to scientific truth, oppress women and abuse children psychologically with the notion of eternal damnation.

Below, Jeremy Paxman interviews Professor Dawkins as part of the Newsnight book club...


Daniel said...

A very interesting post and video (previous post was a typo)

Deej said...

Thanks! Hope to see you more! Nice blog you've got too!