Thursday, July 26, 2007

DEA Raids 10 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in California

The Federal government doesn't care about California voters, raids Marijuana dispensaries.

In 1996, California voters approved the use of medical marijuana, allowing Marijuana dispensaries, and said people should not be subject to criminal prosecution. Rather than listening to the U.S. citizens of California, the DEA went ahead and shut down at least 10 medical Marijuana dispensaries in Southern California yesterday. The DEA dispensary raids come just as the U.S. House (also failing to listen to the people of California) voted against a bill that would protect state Marijuana dispensaries from DEA raids.

F.Y.I. - Some presidential candidates, including Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Sen. John Edwards have called for an end to the DEA’s medical marijuana raids

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Kellie said...

My old theatre professor actually has a blog dedicated to the ridiculousness of the Drug War, with special attention to the unconstitutional mishaps of the DEA.

Anonymous said...

To All Deadicated medicators.
The dedicated hebalist's in ventura county who are truly sick and have noway to travel to our nahboring,los angles or
santa barbra counties.
we the deadicated medicator's have to help this confused county realize the importance of medical marijuna. from a hurtin vc stoner

Anonymous said...

Wake up people. The federal government does not listen to you nor care about your rights under the constitution. Tell everyone. REFUSE TO CONVICT. That means anyone on trial for drug charges the verdict comes back as NOT GUILTY BY NULLIFICATION. You can not decide if someone is guilty or not in a drug case because it was meth, crack, pot, because the courts are refusing to allow the defense to tell you the whole truth. So until they comply and you know the whole truth REFUSE TO CONVICT. NOT GUILTY BY NULLIFICATION. This means that the law is unjust so you are finding the defendant NOT GUILTY

Anonymous said...


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