Wednesday, August 01, 2007 Actually Values Complete Privacy of Users

I'd like to give a very big THANK YOU to for taking action to bring a major easy-to-use privacy feature on their search engine by the end of this year. Some of you may have heard, the feature will be called 'AskEraser' and it will enable users to turn storage of their search history on and off.

As CEO Jim Lanzone says: "Anonymous user data can be very useful to enhance search products for all users, and we're committed to being open and transparent about how such information is used. But we also understand that there are some who are interested in new tools that will help protect their privacy further, and we will give them that control on"

Currently all of your search history data is stored for 18 months, similar to Google's privacy policy, but not when you have AskEraser turned on. Choice is important, and even more important is making those choices user-friendly. Hopefully Google, Yahoo, and MSN will follow suit otherwise, I'll be using a little more often along with many others who value their privacy. Press release

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