Saturday, August 04, 2007

River Rat Terrorists?

Yesterday, police officers saw a suspicious submarine in the East River in NY, dangerously close to the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship. Suspecting terrorism, the brave NY officers arrested the 3 men-only to find out there was no threat of terrorism, not even a threat at all! (Sound familiar?). It turned out the three men had created this sub in an attempt to replicate an earlier version of a submarine. According to WNBC, the police are saying this was 'marine mischief'. No charges yet, but it is possible, if 'marine mischief' can be considered a charge, especially if there was no 'actual evidence of mischief of any kind!'

My question is, what kind of society are we living in now? I mean, a floating submarine can't possibly be a priority for the brave, tough officers of Long Island, can it? And, I mean, to them, a terrorist (or so we think) attack is hi-jacked planes crashing into the tallest towers in the world, blowing them up and leaving horrible scenes, death, destruction and asbestos.

They know that the terrorists were obviously smart enough to high-jack 2 planes, so do they think they would plan an attack in a not-so-good-looking home made submarine and kind of just float around a cruise ship? Or, is this just the adminsitration's attack on good old American innovation, creativity and integrity? I don't know. You tell me!

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