Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Schwarzenegger Offered One Billion Dollars

Currently, the state of California has a budget crisis. To try and balance the budget out, legislators are bickering over which social services should be cut. This isn't fair. It isn't even right. People need those social services. There is a hero in this story, however. Well, heroes is more like it. Many, many heroes! They call themselves Let Us Pay Taxes.

The Let Us Pay Taxes group has offered Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger one billion dollars to be put toward the budget crisis. The thing is; this money will be coming from a coalition of California marijuana growers and dealers. Whats the Terminator to do? Terminate the crisis with taxes that taxpayers would actually be willing to pay!

David Guard of StopTheDrugWar.org writes that regulation and taxation of marijuana could produce up to six billion dollars in additional tax revenue, according to economic studies linked from their web site LetUsPayTaxes.com. In addition, it could save up to ten billion dollars in enforcement costs. “That is a conservative estimate,” said Schaffer, spokesman for Let Us Pay Taxes. “By other estimates, the revenues could be five times that. The economists are with us all the way on this one. Marijuana prohibition is an economic disaster.”

So, what's the problem? The problem began with Reefer Madness and marijuana tax stamps in the earlier part of last century. The Drug Czar John Walters continually states that money from marijuana transaction goes into the hands of terrorists and criminals. Is this guy for real? Of course it is! I mean, in terms of anyone who touches marijuana is a criminal! (ok, that may have been a small exaggeration). But, the prohibition Walters is supporting creates the monetary flow from good, hard working citizens who just want to relax, or escape disease-related pain to black market criminals who, in a lot of cases, will do anything to make a buck.

I believe this is where the belief that marijuana is a gateway drug comes from. I mean, where marijuana is outlawed, good people must look toward the streets for relief, because they know that marijuana is not bad. But, a lot of these street dealers are only capitalizing on these people, and introducing them to their other 'wares', so they make more money!

I truly think that if people were able to grow their own cannabis, or buy it from regulated dealers, they would be extremely happy! And, the possibility of the marijuana being 'laced' with other potentially hazardous substances, such as cocaine, would be slim to none. AND the country would have much more coming in from taxes to be applied to other things. Well, maybe we should wait until after Bush is out of office, then it would go toward causes for the people, of the people, and by the people.

Let Us Pay Taxes calls upon all US citizens to sign their petition at their web site LetUsPayTaxes.com and press the issue with their lawmakers. “Take the money, please,” said Schaffer. “These people want to contribute. Now it is up to our politicians to tell us why they want to send those billions to foreign criminal gangs rather than to their own voters." Press Release


Anonymous said...

it has been said before that the only thing that could lead to the decriminalization of cannabis was a severe financial crisis. the government can only ignore the lost profit from taxes and the wasted money for prosecution and incarceration of cannabis users.
i think this is the one upside the current financial crisis the u.s. faces has. still, i would like to point out that it is an urban myth that people lace cannabis with cocaine. cocaine is by far too expensive, lacing cannabis with it would result in a net loss.
there are however other additives (hazardous, too). would cannabis be sold in government supervised coffee shops (like in the netherlands), there wouldn't be the hazardous additives. and if people are allowed to grow their cannabis themselves, they certainly won't add flour, sugar, sand or whatnot.

Anonymous said...

"the government can only ignore the lost profit from taxes and the wasted money for prosecution and incarceration of cannabis users."

can only ignore it for so long. sorry.

cYa said...

While we're at it, let's get rid of the Feds in general. First, California secedes from the Union. Then we take over Baja California by making an arrangement with Mexico by leasing it for an undisclosed amount creating new opportunities all over baja and with new boundary restrictions we 'll find an amicable way to win/win. We call the new Country the United Kingdom of California. We then help the good old U.S. with a new pattern of success by destroying stupidity by trumping them. Nobody messes with the Feds? It's time this country wake up and see our government misrepresenting the american people around the world.

mindy said...

Aside from the profit loss to the government from cannibas criminalization, what in the world gives the feds the right to have a war against a plant? Calling it a drug war, can it be called a civil war as well? Are they working towards the extinction of a plant that has come this far, and has so many uses? I mean, there are a ton of natural things which are SO much worse than cannibas, like lead, venomous snakes, McDonald's, but these things aren't in a war against the government, are they? And no one has to lock themselves in their house, under a rock to eat good ol' Micky-D's, do they? Who has the right to tell a human they can't use what the earth provides, because they are working towards the extinction of an entire species.. Its just not cool

mindy said...

Oh...my bad.. McDonald's is far from natural, huh? Oh! its man-made! For human consumption! wow. That's interesting. I know there have been many studies that link this type of fast food with A LOT of horrible health conditions.. visit http://www.thefoodishorrible.com/aspx/templates/blank.aspx/msgid/2

andy said...

The real reason that he wont do it is because when mj is legalized then numerous products can also be made from it .The people in charge of the business side will lose millions of dollars.Mj can produce a better quality paper that would eliminate the paper mills.Cotton would lose out since it can be used to make cloth of a better quality and longer lasting.not to mention more comfortable.Oils from the mj plant can be used for a variety of items including petrol lubricants,and gas.If these factors are measured the power people would lose their fortunes in a short period of time.http://inthedark-andy.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

"First, California secedes from the Union".. haha, I think somehow that would never happen. In fact, with the North American Union and the AMERO well on its way, you can kiss that idea g'bye.. unless something like The Postman (the movie) happens.. or what about Cherry 2000. Always good times indeed.

Still, if people can grow a weed by themselves, how can it be taxed?

DJN said...

"The real reason that he wont do it is because when mj is legalized then numerous products can also be made from it"

Andy's got it right, this is another HUGE reason. Big businesses back in the day fought endlessly to kill off cannabis so their products would reign king. It's kind of like a monopoly!

Anonymous said...

Please, byotch! This is utterly fake. Growers and dealers want drugs to be illegal - otherwise, there's no money it it.

If pot were legal, everyone would grow it, and a dime bag would cost a dime. It's the illegality that props up the price.

mindy said...

Of course! Thats the basis of capitalism-supply and demand sets the price. But, what about the people who NEED it? Cancer patients-to eat, arhritis patients-to move! etc... everyone else-to relax, reduce stress and sleep! The government needs to regulate it-like alcohol. People can make their own wine, very good wines too, but they don't. If everyone grew marijuana, minors would have access to it as well. If they had SoMeThInG like the stamp act, where people would have to buy a stamp from the government, or a license to grow, then that would be ok. or, maybe, for personal use, people can only grow 2 plants, and to sell they would need a vendor's license, etc. There are many ways the government can get their money out of legalizing it. But, instead of figuring ways to make a whole heck of a lot more money, they are trying to find ways to make the people pay for useless jobs in the government (DEA).

mindy said...

You have to think, if it were legal, people would want to be able to shop around, like in stores, for different varieties that give different buzzes: energizing, sleepy, etc. There would be nice cafes, with cannabis-eats and drinks and smokes. People would not be going to the neighborhood drug dealer anymore.

J1 said...

"everyone would grow it" please. Have you tried? It's not as easy as you think. That's like saying ending alcohol prohibition will cause everyone to make bath-tub gin. If we legalize MJ, there will be far more regulations in growing and distribution than Pedro in valley.

There are plenty of products including paper, rope and lotions that are currently being made out of hemp. You do realize the hemp plant and cannabis plant are different, right?

Anonymous said...

Hemp and the marijuana plant are considered separate subspecies but they are of the same species. Commercial hemp is not produced in the United States.

Anonymous said...

not only do they solve budget crises, they kick the Drug Czar's ass in softball: http://www.campusprogress.org/page/community/post/zachmarks/CHjM

Mike Green said...

"Still, if people can grow a weed by themselves, how can it be taxed?"

People can also make beer, wine and whiskey. Most don't, because it's more of a hassle than running down to the corner store. Not to mention limited growing seasons, lack of interest in learning hydroculture, and the fact the 50% of people are below average in intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Won't happen. The Government wastes over half of our tax money on the defense industry, reimburses wealthy oil tycoons and continues a tradition of Pork politics. A billion is nothing compared to what they already waste. A drop in the bucket. Sorry, sorry, but, won't happen, we are not cash strapped.

Alex said...

To the notion of how do you tax a home grower, thats easy. Liscences. Say you are licenced for 10 plants for personal recreation, that'll be $XX.xx please! says the state. You want to grow 1000 plants for the metro area consumption? That'll be $X,XXX.xx please! and so on and so on.

Daniel said...

Marijuana as a gateway drug is entirely fiction. It's been proven otherwise.

From the study:
"Nearly a quarter of the study population who used legal and illegal drugs at some point exhibited the pattern of using marijuana PRIOR to alcohol or tobacco, and they were no more likely to develop a substance use disorder than the traditional pattern."


Anonymous said...

This article is really poorly written and uninformative. Rather than detailing the situation and prodiving in-depth coverage and new information you editorialize and resort to juvenile humour (the quip about marijuana smokers being "terrorists," not that it was a crass or offensive remark, especially points to the writers (lack of) sophistication. This reads like the dribble in High Times. My guess is the author either needs to refrain from getting high before submitting his writing or at least find some better trees. Grow up and stop being so cliche, you're giving the rest of us creative, intelligent, and thoughtful smokers a bad rep.

mindy said...

I'm sorry for not being as creative, or intelligent as you, anonymous..My goal when I write for this site is only to make the reading simple. There are enough articles out there with full details, are more in depth, and are more 'creative'. The only thing is that I wish you would've at least had the decency to realize that Mindy-its a girl's name. thanks!

David Borden said...

The first anonymous commenter above observed that the current financial crisis in the US could have the one upside of creating pressure on the government to accept the tax revenues that would be available if marijuana is legalized. On a related note, a number of states including conservative Oklahoma have been finding ways to release low-level prisoners (including some drug offenders) because the cost of incarceration is just so high -- not quite legalization, but a good thing and pointing in the right direction.

David Borden, Executive Director
Stop the Drug War (DRCNet)
Washington, DC

tartufo said...

I'ts not going to workout the way you want guy's.

To understand this you have to know that you ..I mean I really respect all you people trying to seriously find a way to make things better. And I love you all weather you're a red-neck or a black -neck (i'm a green neck). The point is: Why are all these work we put into our lives is in one or the other way always screwed by something or someone? When government is waisting billions of dollars in the east-north-south-west the better it is for someone. So who is this someone? ..it's very easy to understand.. the owners of the FEDERALE RESERVE. These owners don't care if they get their billions from killing thousends of thousends of people in the east or waisting millitairy personal and equipment or buildings. They will never legislate mariuana, because they need this whole stupid problem in the society. When the US government waiste all that money on whatever, they have to pay interest to these owners. So whatever you are doing in this world if it's not to the bennefit of these families you're live is about two cents worth...

And the only people who are really important to them are the people from the governments and Industrie(all over the world) who have the highest positions. Why? To control the money that controls us . They don't care if you have a red or black neck or if you smoke mariuana or not. They have central bankings all over the world connected with them and they control the governments. That's why things will never go any way anybody wants unless you belong to the "CLUB".
You are not the problem with all your efforts to do things right.

Your bankingsystem is. WHY in the world would a COUNTRY borrow money from a Private Person ????
And then tax you with all kinds of illegal taxations to pay these private people interest??

It's like the "world upside down" and that's exactly what's going on.

Their final goal is to have all of us chipped so they can control your funds at any time. This is what we have to focus on.
All other things and rights we fight for in this world is nothing worth it if we keep on sleeping, and let them continue with this.

Listen to this:
Listen To Arron Russo

Anonymous said...

What do the most powerful man in the world and the world's finest Olympic athlete ever have in common? They both smoked pot. So much for the marijuana lowers your ambition argument. When will America wake up and stop persecuting good citizens that simply want to relax? I believe now is the time. Arm yourself with information and contact your government representative.

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Anonymous said...

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