Sunday, December 10, 2006

Conspiracy to Defraud the United Staes?

Elizabeth de la Vega was an Assistant US Attorney up until 2004, half way into Bush's reign. She recently published a book titled "United States vs. George W. Bush, et al.". In this book, you can read De la Vega lay out her mock indictment of George W. for consiracy to defraud the United States. In an interview on Democracy Now! radio, she starts her explaination of her book with 9/11:

"But the case really starts with the actions of the administration right after 9/11 and proceeds with how they used the fear that was engendered by 9/11, and they actually aggravated that fear. And then they started off, as we all recall, with sort of generally false assertions that had no basis in fact, such as that Iraq was a grave and gathering danger, when at the time the National Intelligence Estimate said no such thing."

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