Monday, December 11, 2006

U.K. to stop using Bush phrase “War On Terror”

It seems someone must have heard one of my pleas to stop calling Bush's failed and unjust actions the "War on Terror", now we just need to stop pretending like there's a "War on Terror."

The Foreign Office in Britain has told Cabinet ministers to cease using the phrase 'War on Terror' and other terms that may anger British Muslims. How about stop using it because it's a fucking joke. It's a fraudulent disaster. A con.

"...officials believe that militants use a sense of war and crisis and a 'clash of civilisations' to recruit supporters, and thus the use of terms such as 'war', 'war on terror' or 'battle' can be counter-productive." Read the full article at The Observer.

Also read: There Is No War On Terror and The Fallacy of the War on Terror

The U.S. government has and is a major supporter of state-backed terrorism, favoring preemptive aggression over mediation in the world court, and avoiding accountability by excluding itself from the globally accepted definition of terrorism.

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