Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bush says 'War's hard' and will 'sprint to finish'

Oh thanks for that Bush. Didn't know war was hard. But you probably didn't know that war kills people who other people might care about or miss.

I hope Bush has a grand 'sprint to [the] finish', as his breath (a.k.a soldiers) will run out. There won't be any left.

In the interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox, Bush also stated, "We've got a war that we're fighting against extremists, radicals who would do us harm. We're in a major battle in that war in Iraq. And it's -- it's unsettling times when you're at war. War's -- war's hard. War's difficult. It's negative." Oh, except - WE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN A WAR. War? You mean free-for-all bloodbath, that will continue to get worse.


greenie said...

If you look closely enough, you can see traces of brown around Cavuto's mouth, and I don't think it is lipstick.

DJN said...

Yeah, Cavuto, what a joke.