Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Journalist Seymour Hersh speaks of Bush

Based in D.C., Seymour Hersh is an American Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author. Regularly contributing to The New Yorker, Hersh is most known for his reporting on the My Lai massacre cover-up during the Vietnam War, and his 2004 reports on the the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

At last week's conference "The 'War on Terrorism': Where Do We Stand" Hersh gave us his feelings and thoughts on prez Bush and what may come.

To sum Bush up in about two sentences, Hersh says, "[Bush is] a total radical, probably the most radical president we've ever had in terms of his definition of the power of the presidency," he said. "There's nothing more dangerous than a radical who doesn't have information, doesn't learn from information and doesn't learn from the past."

Hersh also stated, "I'm completely sympathetic to our [soldiers] - the kids we send are as much victims as [civilians]..." I support this statement the fullest extent. I have no hate towards those who serve the armed forces. We shouldn't hate anyone.

One last thing said by Hersh, "You will not believe what's going to be happening in the next few years with returning vets." And I couldn't believe him more.

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