Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Iraqi religious courts openly kill gays, call gays terrorists, U.S. watches

From self-appointed judges to religious fundamentalists, these are just some of the types of people ruling in the new Iraq. Put into place by the U.S., a proud George W. Bush is proud of the new Iraqi government and has said, "I reminded them the people had voted -- the people had expressed their desire for democracy and unity…” Uh, yeah. Nice and free.

“Attacks on homosexuals and intolerance of homosexual practices have long existed, yet they have escalated in the past year,” says the latest bi-monthly Human Rights Report of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), released on January 16.

Not much attention has been brought to the persecution of gays in Iraq, this is the first time the U.N. has officially recognized and made a statement regarding this situation. People need to know it's not just U.S. forces vs. 'Terrorists' - in fact, it's not even a war, it's a free-for-all bloodbath and IT WILL, without a doubt, continue to get worse.

“One of the self-appointed judges in Sadr City believes that homosexuality is on the wane in Iraq. ‘Most [gays] have been killed and others have fled,’ he said. Indeed, the number who have sought asylum in the U.K. has risen noticeably over the last few months... [This judge] insists the religious courts have ‘a lot to be proud of. We now represent a society that asked us to protect it not only from thieves and terrorists but also from these [bad] deeds.’"

When gays went to U.S. occupying authorities in Baghdad’s Green Zone for safety, they were of course treated with “contempt and derision."

And as expected, “A request to the U.S. Department of Defense press office in the Pentagon for comment on the UNAMI report went unreturned.”

How much longer will the freedom of these individuals be ignored?

More information regarding the gay community in Iraq at Iraq LGBT



Daniel said...

The problem is that Iraq is heading towards a Islamic Republic and Unite d states does not want that. The United States just has to sit back and watch.

Titania Starlight said...

I hate intolerance of any kind. It shows we as a human race have a long way to evolve yet. :o(